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Short Bio
NDIMBI Clothing is a South African self-confidence development brand established in 2016 during the Fees Must Fall Campaign by Sinoxolo Manengela.  The founder had/has a high degree of interest in entrepreneurship and followed it through his passion for Fashion and finding freedom in all spheres in life. His initial idea was to develop a concept of self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-value as a human being regardless of financial status, skin colour, or creed. The NDIMBI Concept was born through using a reverse psychology approach.  NDIMBI comes from the Xhosa language, a word meaning “ I Am Ugly”. However, NDIMBI is not about ugliness but BEAUTY, The Beauty Of Acceptance as per our slogan/motto. If you go on any social media or television you will notice how we are bombarded with all the “ingredients “of beauty to a point where one would even sell their kidneys to meet the requirements.  NDIMBI Clothing exists to eradicate such requirements and embracing and accepting the flaws that make you, YOU. By wearing NDIMBI Clothing Designs you would have been making an intelligent compromise with perfection. We aspire to be a premium supplier of all-season clothing designs in South Africa and Beyond Contact Details: