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Short Bio
Esihle Mangqishi founder and director of Loza Studio, an urban women's wear fashion label that incorporates textiles into each garment. Based in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. She was raised by Matriarchs (her mom and sisters) who affectionately nicknamed her 'Loza'. The brands name is a way of paying homage to the loving women who raised her. Her products are inspired by her renewed interpretation of African art and culture, in expressing and celebrate the beauty of the continent. "I love being inspired by other people's creativity" she says. The sticks held by the models featured in her product shots are a representation of "smaller pieces that belong to a whole". Most of her prints follow the theme of Africa and it's fragmented history. She uses those fragments to re-create and re-imagine that history in a visual and artistic way. She dreams of one day opening her own fashion store with a range of customizable fashion pieces she calls "wearable art". She is currently working a full-time job to support her dream. The Covid-19 has not made her goals any easier to reach. She was unable to pursue her studies as planned, unable to save for her studies due to salary cuts caused by the pandemic. Please help Esihle make her dream a reality by supporting her and buying her gorgeous garments, Find her garments onĀ Womenswear Contact Details: