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  1. August 07, 2021, 3:32 am

    Believe me, you have to compose regularly. We need much more articles like this

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Short Bio
Kit Media and Solutions Pty (Ltd) is managed and founded by Karabo Isaac “Juju” Tshoke, with vast experience in media, marketing, communication, gaming, App development, events, art specialization, and designing (African inspired rugs, cushions,  fleece blankets, fashion bulletproof vest, and chair coverings) founder of #truestory brand and House Of Kanga. Kit is a young minded company that focuses on ideas and plans that sustains and grow the community and the country through monetary value. “They think out of the box”, whatever challenge they receive they deliver professionally by virtue. Employing more people and growing other companies is their mandate to see their economy grow. Kit media and solutions is a 100% black owned company. Contact Details: