Bambanani Fresh Art

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Short Bio
Bambanani Fresh Art is a leather shoe manufacturing company, originating in the streets of a township in the Eastern Cape called Motherwell. Founded by Masibulele Matshaya and Sibongiseni Mnikina design and craft the company products through the use of the best leather skins and hides. They are said to produce the most comfortable shoe with an African finishing touch shown by the thick stitch, ensuring durability. The Company currently has three official designs, the slip-on, and lace up and boot. Their footwear is style is old school mixed with new school leather crafting. Clients get the experience of being partly involved in the making of the shoe. Shoes say a lot about a client’s personality, so they endeavor to make their clients stand out and give them a chance to express themselves through the shoes they wear, creating a sense of uniqueness. Contact Details: